The Overview Engagement

What is the difference between ordinary elearning and engaged learning? What makes engaged learning the next best practice to mentored live performance? How can you systematically go from learning objectives to engaging learning experiences? The Overview engagement is the first step to tapping into the advantages that come from engaging learning. Typically, we:
  • have an initial consultation call to determine where you are at
  • present a webinar optimized for your needs
  • followup with a specific report detailing some specific ideas for your organization
You’ll get four copies of the book to distribute your team to supplement the learning. All done virtually, for an investment of $3500 that helps your organization move from ordinary learning to engaging, and effective, learning.

The Upskill Engagement

When you want to seriously address the capability of your organization to develop and deliver engaging learning, you need a significant intervention. You need to truly understand engaged learning, review your team’s makeup and skillset, and get support in changing your approach. This requires not only getting the ideas right, but serious feedback on your initial attempts. This is much more of a partnership in developing your capabilities. In this sort of engagement you will typically:
  • have an initial consultation call to determine desired outcomes
  • fill out a questionnaire that ascertains where your organization is at
  • receive a two-day visit of workshop and consultation to lock down a migration plan
  • receive a detailed strategy document for your organization, and a presentation deck to support the move
  • have your next few projects reviewed at major milestones for improvement
You’ll get 10 copies of the book to facilitate your upskilling, and get not only good ideas, but specific feedback to your designs, developing and cementing your understanding. All this for an investment of $12000 (plus expenses).

Workshops & Presentations

Clark has a well-established and well-deserved reputation as a speaker and workshop facilitator. His learning game design workshops (as well as mobile design, deeper instructional design, elearning strategy, and other workshops) receive high marks! His presentations are always thought-provoking and engaging.

“...To a person, they were pleased with their experience and excited about the possibilities...ability to appeal to everyone in the room--sharing authoritative information for those who were looking for that, while speaking clearly and simply about the work so that everyone understood what the hard fun in e-learning design was all about.”

White Papers

We construct whitepapers that engagingly develop the necessary vision, tied to a clear theoretical base that makes your point.